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You stare at the vast ocean and the cat beside you catches a tiny minnow leaping out of the water. You had just been welcomed to Oceanclan and soon the leader was going to give you a warrior name. You though of Miststone. The cat that caught the minnow flicked her ear. For some reason, there was mice and golds on the fresh kill pile. You flicked your ear as a she- cat approached. From the way she held her head high, you could tell that she was the leader. You dip your head as she nears. The cat greets her. You hear many cats speak of Rainstar. This cat was Rainstar. You dip your head again. She drops a mouse in front of you. "So, Mist, Welcome." She says. You nod. She asked you, "Mist fur or Mist?" You answer, "Mistfur," She nods. "Welcome, Mistfur." The collar around your neck jingles and the cats around you hiss. You shrink beneath your pelt. Suddenly Rainstar slices off the collar. "Twolegs no longer bound you."

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